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Quality Assurance


We act without hesitation and think creatively. In terms of quality assurance, this produces ideal outcomes that are significantly superior to the typical standard solutions used in the business. Our skilled ceramics engineers seek the ideal raw material solutions in joint coordination with our clients and employees. Our quality promises are preserved through a series of techniques and methods which results in superior materials. Moreover the testing techniques used for the assurance of the quality are as listed below:

Mesh Size

To ensure accurate mesh size by sieving the industrial mineral through standard mesh test sieve.


To ensure the minerals are fired at appropriate temperature and exhibits excellent effectiveness.

Chemical Analysis

To ensure appropriate chemical combination of the industrial minerals that is required by the customers.

Test Equipment and Facilities

From the examination of samples when exploring deposits and arriving screenings of outside raw resources to the delivery of the final products, a framework of quality control and assurance exists in manufacturing. At Shivam Multi Microns India LLP this framework is supported by the latest and the most efficient technology developed for the segment. Our infrastructure boasts the most outstanding piece of machinery and equipment that create our top-tier products.


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